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What our Clients say About Us

I have known Ferdous since he recently graduated from Kabul University, and I’ve witnessed his growth from day one. I built three buildings in Kabul; a house and two apartment buildings. Taak Inc. was the only brand I could rely on to invest my time and money efficiently. I am so happy and proud to see Taak Inc. grow, and I am confident that they have a strong vision for Afghanistan. I wish you the very best of luck, and I cannot wait to see more of your achievements.

Mohammad Zia Zamani

Structural Design Engineer
Ferdous is a creative person whose works I always love to watch. Your work is a joy to witness. Good Job! I always wondered who would be behind Taak Inc., which works very professionally and with high quality. Your company's name, logo, and the growth you have achieved in the past decade are excellent. Later on, I came to know you and found you a combination of creativity, talent, skill, and a great attitude with excellent performance. Moreover, your hard-work ethics, problem-solving skills, and thinking-out-of-the-box are the qualities I have dreamed of for years to gain. My family and I are very grateful for your tremendous service to us; you designed our dream home! We are very fortunate to have you and Taak Inc. in the industry where Afghanistan has an extreme need. Lastly, I wish you to continue your great work and embrace your creativity for as long as possible.

Atiqullah Haidery

Power & Automation Expert
I first wanted to buy a home or an apartment from a builder instead of building a new one. Suddenly during browsing the internet for interior designers for our home, my family and I were impressed by Taak Inc.'s Facebook page. We thoroughly went through their page and observed many beautiful home designs, and after that, we changed our mind in favor of building a home from scratch. Then I contacted Taak Inc and met Mr. Ferdous Samim, a talented, creative, and tolerant architect who wholeheartedly got my idea and discussed my project in detail. After that, he visited the plot and met my wife and sister regarding their expectations and lifestyles. Taak Inc., especially Mr. Samim assured us in terms of design and gave us a concept where consistently they considered all our requirements and dreams. Finally, Mr. Samim provided all the detailed drawings, and we started the building. Then they provided the 3D design pictures, which were really beautiful and have altered our mood to be happy with this project. Lastly, I have to say that I am pleased and really impressed by Taak Inc.’s creativity in terms of design. They really consider every single point in their designs, and their works are beyond the expectations. I have already introduced Taak Inc. to many of my friends. As one of their clients, I assure my friends that they are creative, experienced, tolerant, standard, complete, cooperative, and talented architects and engineers.

Mohammad Aziz Bahram