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Our architects, engineers, and consultants are committed to creating quality work following national and international codes and standards. We use and suggest the best material and software-produced results that are unique and efficient. Taak Inc. is made of a creative team that uses traditional and modern knowledge and methods to show originality in the architectural industry and create innovative designs. The majority of our colleagues are Afghans who have the experience of working with significant national and international companies, government organizations, and humanitarian foundations across the country and worldwide.

Architecture is the core of what we do, and we try to be the best at it. We started from a typical 2.5 story residential to a 19 story complex building. We know how to turn your dreams into reality. Our architects have gained experience working with multiple types of customers in the numeral provinces of Afghanistan.
We design the space with all the elements it consists of. We do not believe in shopping but creating. Creating something that can express innovation and reflects the customer's taste, and gives them comfort.
A building, no matter how well-designed and beautiful, requires a calculated strength to last as planned. Our Structure designers have extensive experience in designing multiple types of buildings in various geographical areas. You do not want to live or work in a building where you do not know how strong it is. You do not need the words to tell you, but the calculations to guarantees it.
A building can operate as smoothly and as efficiently as its nerve system. We design the building's nerve system, from power distribution to networking. We realize how the power supply in Afghanistan is, and we know exactly how to provide solutions for a better operation of a building.
Same as the nerve system, a building requires a planned vein system. It requires the design of Water Supply, HVAC, Central Heating, Waste Water Treatment Plant, etc. We have provided solutions for various small and large projects throughout Afghanistan, and we are familiar with how to save time and energy.
You cannot invest your time and energy until you know what you will get in return. Our national and international teams can show you the final product of your investment with the utmost details in image and animation formats. If you want to go into more detail, you can have a walkthrough, 360-degree view, and even more.
A topographical survey is the base of any project, small or large, vertical or horizontal. Our team has surveyed thousands of acres of land throughout Afghanistan with state of the art technical equipment. We value precision.

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