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Bahram’s House

A Design is only a plan, while the actual is the aftermath; how the project is implemented.

  • Brainstorming
  • Meeting with client
  • Meeting with the family.
  • Concept Design
  • Final Design
  • Presentation

This is one of our projects that we enjoyed working on it throughout the project’s life-cycle. We collected the client’s information, his parents, his little sister – she had an exciting vision of how she wanted to have her room. The parents had a long-awaited image of how they wanted to have a house and a room of themselves in the house. We sat. We talked. Over and over. We were all happy with the outcome, and they implemented the construction in the best manner. 

“We put all our dreams in this house.”

Bahram's House Elevations

The view gets interesting every four seasons!

This is a residential house in a corner plot with a total of 350 square meters. The home is located in an inclined land that gives the occupants a unique view. The yard is only used for greenery and playground. There are two spaces for vehicles in the basement with areas for large gatherings and storage. The rest of the floors are designed per each family member’s need, with large terraces with a panoramic view towards the Omid-e-Sabz township’s beautiful hills, a green thought in the summer, and a white covered with snow during the winter.

Street 5, Phase 4, Omid-e-Sabz Township, Kabul, Afghanistan
Mr. Bahram