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Apartment House 89

A thin building with split-level floor plans. The house is located in an inclined plot in Baharistan, and the split-level floors work like magic here!

  • Brainstorming
  • Concept Design
  • Designing
  • Presenting

The first time I designed a split-level house was during my university. I admire the irregular-shaped and inclined plots. They are more comfortable to work on than the regular plots. In this project, I split the floors from the middle and gave an excellent functionality. ~ Ferdous

“Couldn’t be any better”

The joy at the end of the work is priceless! 

This is an apartment house with a 350 Square Meter area, and the footprint is around 280 square meters.

There is a large hall in the basement, a WC, a mini-kitchen, and storage. The upper floors are large dwellings for one typical family with all their amenities. There are two yards; a front yard and a back yard. The front yard is elevated than the back yard.

3rd Street, Baharistan, Kabul, Afghanistan
Mr. Hakimi