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Apartment 034

85% of exterior finishing is tile and stone. This is a costly move, but this was what the client wanted: “I am importing tiles from abroad. I don’t want to use paint for exterior, but all stone”.

  • Brainstorming
  • Concept Design
  • Designing
  • Presenting

Using all stone finish is both comfortable and challenging at the same time. It took us one month to finalize the design, and we presented the plan, and this was the client feedback:

“Oh, Yes! Better than I imagined”

And that is the best part of wrapping a design project!

This is an apartment house with a 450 Square Meter area, and the footprint is around 300 square meters.

There is a large hall in the basement, a WC, a mini-kitchen, and large storage. The upper floors are each two dwellings, each for one typical family with all their amenities.

3rd District, Khushal Khan, Kabul, Afghanistan
Mr. Fakhrudin