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About Taak Inc.

Taak Inc. is an inclusive Architecture and Engineering (AE) Design firm based in Kabul, Afghanistan, founded by Ferdous Samim in 2012. From designing a 3 story residential house to a 19 story complex building, survey and preparing as-built drawings of telecom sites, we put our footprint in 26 provinces of Afghanistan. With over 30 qualified experts within and out of Afghanistan, we can professionally deliver high-quality works.

We are not one-dimensional leaders. We work professionally based on our Work Values, and we perform our duties as citizens of this country and maintain our Civic Responsibilites.
We aim to bring new vision and energy to the Afghan architecture and engineering industry, with a mission to add value to what we envision for a better life through proper design.
We rely on the feedback we receive from our clients. Every project is a learning opportunity for us, and we improve our services regularly. Learn more about what our clients say about us.

Our Services

Our architects, engineers, and consultants are professionals who are committed to creating quality work following national and international codes and standards.


Whether you need a simple Architecture design or a Design Package, our team is here to define your project’s value and guide you with our professional services.


Construction Management Services is crucial for a project’s life-cycle. Assuring how much time, energy, and money is spent throughout the project.


With a vast network of skilled laborers. We renovate your project and deliver a professional space with all the detailed designs of each step.

Our Latest Works

We have conducted over 120 small and medium size projects in the areas of design, consultancy,

renovation, as-built, survey, and construction over 23 provinces of Afghanistan.

Us in Figures

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Our Clients

Client Testimonials

Taak Inc. was the only brand that I could rely on to invest my time and money efficiently. I am so happy and proud to see Taak Inc. grow, and I am confident that they have a strong vision for Afghanistan.

Mohammad Zia Zamani

Structural Design Engineer
I am pleased and really impressed by Taak Inc.'s creativity in terms of design. They really consider every single point in their designs, and their works are beyond the expectations.

Mohammad Aziz Bahram

Former VP, AISA