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Our Civic Values 

It has been almost half a century that Afghanistan is in a blood-bath. However, in the last two decades, Afghans have achieved the democratic values of an open society – women’s rights, freedom of speech, and many more. None of these achievements came cheap, but with a higher price of blood and sweat. The beginning of the Peace Talks in Doha, Qatar, between the US and the Taliban in 2019 raised a red signal and showed signs of compromising these achievements. To defend Afghans’ rights and avoid going back to the dark ages, Farahnaz Forotan, a distinguished journalist and human rights activist, co-founded the MyRedLine, a Social Media campaign with Ferdous Samim, President, and CEO of Taak Inc., on March 14th, 2019.

After the successful outcome of the campaign, the co-founders of MyRedLine founded Taak Foundation. Taak Foundation’s mission is to deliver a better Afghanistan to our next generation, focusing on public education to raise awareness. Afghans will only defend their fundamental rights when they are educated about them – the right to choose, the right to speak, the right to vote, and the right to live.

The Voice of Afghanistan for Sustainable Peace

We, at Taak Inc., are not one-dimensional innovators. In addition to our work value, we are a socially-conscious firm that has collaborated with several national and international civic organizations to advocate for human rights, gender equality, eliminating gender-based violence (GBV), and guaranteeing the protection of the right of children. We think the reconstruction of Afghanistan is only possible when all citizens enjoy equal rights and opportunities. We advocate by collaborating with organizations with a common cause. Among these organizations is Hadia, an independent youth volunteer advocacy group working in Afghanistan since 2005. In collaboration with Hadia, in 2012, Taak Inc. held a campaign to commemorate women whose family members were murdered because of conservative and misogynist traditions. We collaborated and sponsored AIESEC events in Kabul in 2015, the Young Leaders Conference. In addition to that, Taak Inc. sponsored TEDx Kabul’s event in 2016.