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Who We Are

Taak Inc. is an inclusive Architecture and Engineering (AE) Design firm based in Kabul, Afghanistan founded by Ferdous Samim in 2012. Our motto is to bring new vision and energy to the Afghan architecture and engineering industry. Deeply rooted in Taak Inc. is the passion for resurrecting the architecture of Afghanistan, creating environmentally sustainable designs, and providing management services for the construction projects. We value innovation, creativity, community engagement, and quality production, as well as our customers’ satisfaction with our design services.

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Mission Statement

Adding value is our ultimate mission!

We nurture and encourage innovation in Afghanistan, revive Afghan architecture using environmentally friendly methods, and provide our clients with quality and satisfactory professional services.

Vision Statement

Better life Through Proper Design!

We are dedicated to crafting responsive spaces that define the true meaning of life and reach the standard building experience in Afghanistan. It is only possible by the thoughtful, collaborative, and lasting creation of architecture.

Have a project in mind?

Are you planning to build a home, an office, or a corporate building?

Share your project details with us and we will come up with a reasonable proposal for you.