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Ferdous Samim

Architect, Human Rights Activist

Architecture has taught me the principle of life and the value of time. I cannot stress enough how important it is to use the time we have in our lives, precisely and with a vision. I founded Taak Inc. based on these factors. Each architecture and engineering design project brings value for us, and in return, we give it meaning. Our aim is not just to make beautiful buildings but add valuable assets to our surroundings and give meaning and purpose to everyone’s lives in our community. Regardless of who we are, and were we are, we all spend our time and energy consistently. Our job is to make sure those precious assets are used in the best manner, and in the best way possible.

Afghanistan needs us not only in professilnal, but in civic capacity as well. As an active member of the civil soiety, I am proud to serve my country and my people. Advoating for human rights, women rights and fighting for equal rights and equal opprotnitiues for women and men from all clusters of the society is a sacred duty of each of the citizens of Afghansitan, and the world.