About our Firm


Taak Inc. is an architecture and engineering A/E design firm that was founded in January 2012 by Mr. Ferdous Samim who is an architect and AIAmember. Our motto is to bring new vision and energy to Afghan architecture and engineering industry. Taak Inc. is a registered design firm in Kabul Municipality and an international Associate in AIA. We believe in environmentally sustainable designs as well as providing management services for the construction projects. We value innovation, creativity, community engagement, and quality production as well as the satisfaction of our customers with our services. We have designed more than 120 small and medium size projects in over 13 provinces of Afghanistan. Our clients are locals, government entities, national and international organizations such as UNDP, ACG, PLANET, Kabul Municipality, Afghan Taksar and more.

  • who are we

    Taak Inc.’s founder and employees are nationally and internationally educated Afghans who have joined Taak Inc. because of their unique abilities, creativity and a sense of responsibility and commitment towards changing the business and architecture scene of our country. Each employee at Taak Inc. works in the area of their own expertise and on what they enjoy and love doing. This firm is dedicated to creating original work which is only possible when each team member has the opportunity to be inspired, motivated and is relieved of stress.

  • our mission

    Taak Inc.’s mission is to nurture and encourage innovation in Afghanistan, revive Afghan architecture using environmentally-friendly methods, and provide our clients with quality and professional services.

Core Values

We value our work, we value our society and we value the nature.

  • civil society

    We, at Taak Inc., are not one-dimensional leaders. We are a socially conscious firm that have collaborated with several international and national non-profit organizations to advocate for human rights, gender equality, ending gender-based violence and guaranteeing the rights and protection of children. AIESEC Afghanistan and TEDx Kabul are some of the organizations where Taak Inc. has been involved with.

  • Environment

    Given the devastating deforestation and deterioration of the environment during the several decades of war, Taak Inc. nurtures and advocates respect for the environment and this is most apparent in the fact that more than 30% of the materials used in our designs are locally made, and more compatible with nature compared to imported material. In addition to that, Taak Inc. discourages clients from using plastic and other harmful products and depends solely on Afghan and local laborers to prevent harm via excess use of transportation. Taak Inc. uses social media to promote tree-planting and green architecture and discourages people from trashing their cities or cutting off trees and other plants.

Work with Us

We have had four internship programs for architects and engineer since 2015. Our interns had learned the modern and systematic techniques of practicing architecture and engineering beyond academic level. We have had more than 30 interns that 45% of them were females. Our interns were from universities in the capital, Kabul, the provinces, as well as from international universities from India and Pakistan.
Stay tuned for new Internship programs, as well as vacancy announcements.


Taak Inc. has done great job, not only by designing our project, but multiple others across Afghanistan with timely and professional manner.

Sami Matin

Country Director, Agility